Thursday, 18 October 2012

'Blood Bike East' Look for Help

Blood bike East will be holding a general meeting in the red cow hotel dublin on Monday 22nd October at 20.00 hrs.

We are looking for people to join as riders coordinators and general helpers.

We have moved things along and things are heading in the right direction but we need help a lot of work still has to be done.

You dont even have to own or ride a bike to help out.

If you can give your time free that's all that matters.

This is a totally voluntary group that will be operating a free service to the hospitals.

If you cant make it thats fine but spread the word (you might make the next meeting)

Check out the website


Any help would be a great help.we already have a number of riders but we need more.

A FREE training program for riders will be commencing soon so dont worry if you dont have a rospa.
charlie boarman supporting

We also hope to have a few open days soon so guys/ gals can come along meet up and see what goes on with the option to have an assessment of their riding skills.
If things go well they can be then considered for the rider panel and if things dont go quiet as well the option is there to get the training to get up to the required standard
If you consider iwe hope to have 21 riders on a panel which will rotate and for each rider we need a controller(take the phone calls and direct the rider) for one bike.
The riders will also be a
controller on a different night but still we need bods.thats only one bike
The aim is to have a fleet of bikes so the more people we have the better.
So talk to the missus girlfriend partner etc all are welcome.
If any of you guys are on different fourms feel free to spread the word.

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