Friday, 26 October 2012

CBR1000RR Fireblade TPS sensor problem

SC59 Throttle Position Sensor DIY Repair guide

My fireblade was a bit under the weather recently, going into ‘limp home’ mode on wide open throttle with a sporadic fault that showed up as ‘TPS sensor’ after reading the fault code on the ECU memory.

Phoned Honda Ireland, yuk!- TPS is actually part of the throttle bodies on the SC59 that costs a whopping €1,500 !

Screw that for a game of soldiers, bike is just out of warranty and I’ve no money so said I’d chance ripping it apart looking for dodgy wires / connectors and hope it wasn’t actually the throttle position sensor that was banjaxxed.

Got some contact spray cleaner and doused every connector, and
there’s a lot of ‘em in there!

 <----  Air filter was like a mini-morgue so I said a few words and gave them a proper burial.

How cool are those throttle bodies, looked like gold- easily the cleanest part of my fireblade.


Careful here ted, but trumpets were held on with clever little screws that were un-drop-into-inlet-ports-able which was nice.

Pin-pointed the TP sensor, stripped and checked wires – all soldered everything ok – sprayed connector with cleaner then noticed this ;

Female prong #1 [click image to for full size] was enlarged and way too loose, causing the intermittent fault - tightened ‘er up, slapped everything back together went for a quick rip and the 'blade is flying now yeahaw !!

Something nice about doing it all yourself and.., err i suppose it not being a €1,500 part that went wrong, excerpt from

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