Tuesday, 29 October 2013

[fixed] VFR800 RC46 Rear Cam Chain Tensioner Replacement

Quick D.I.Y for 'Manual' Cam Chain tensioner install ;

Remove footrest and metal guard behind ;

This exposes your rear cam chain tensioner, remove nut from end of this tensioner and make your own 'key' for winding the tensioner spring ;

Once you have the right size key/tool, insert this and turn clockwise until it stops and hold in this position while undoing both studs on the tensioner (it's a bit like picking a lock, only it's not a lock and you're not picking it)

If you don't make a 'key' 'special tool' for this purpose the tensioner will be 'unwound' and too long for removal and the head 'may' get caught on the way out and drop into your engine, not ideal !

Slap in the new manual tensioner (approx. 30quid on ebay) and screw it in until you feel the resistance of your timing chain, then wind out about 1/4turn and tighten the lock nut, start engine to check for noise.

Allow engine to reach full operating temperature, mine was rattling about 70deg. other's may vary. If everything is okay, throw on the guard and footrest assembly and thats it, approx 20min job !

*optional, if they're a little rusty you could mask and paint the subframe & metal guard before putting back together, I just used hamerite rust protection with a paintbrush for the time being - nothing fancy.

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  1. Finally, an amazing "how to"....I just purchased an identical manual tensioner.
    So thank you very much!