Sunday, 2 March 2014

Trackday experience with the VFR800 at Mondello race circuit

vfr 800 wheelie mondello park
Heavy, long wheelbase and not much grunt - 
what better way to test out your new clutch !!
A touring motorcycle complete with luggage, soft suspension and hard tyres is probably more at home trickling around the scenic highways and byways of the countryside, rather than being subjected to a grueling flat out ordeal around Mondello Park race circuit, but it composed itself rather well all the same - a remarkable 'all-rounder'.

Obviously the VFR800 dives a bit on braking as the forks are pretty basic (with no compression or rebound adjustment, nada) but the actual stopping power (ebc hh pads) is good, not so much bite that you'd tuck the front leaned over and I'd say the rear application with CBS keeps it stable coming down from big speed into turn 1.

There's a lot of engine compression in the VFR though and if you mess up the down shifts without blipping it can get messy real fast down into the likes of turn 3 or tarazan, especially when leaned a little (slipper clutches are a god-send here) Grand oul bus though and good craic (can't really hear in the video but it sounds great) I'd say if you'd a set of sticky rubber it'd be a right laugh, the Angel GT's are a bit hard for that craic.

For what it is, I was impressed with the VFR though, you can get a lot of lean before it bottoms out and there's a small but useful surge of power after about
8k that's probably not enough to highside like the near instant torque of cbr1000rr so you can take a lot more liberties on the throttle than you would say on a superbike, doesn't be long emptying a tank of juice though, 65miles on the clock incl. travelling both to and from the race track - ouch !

Onboard Honda VFR800 Video below ;

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